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2018 was truly transformative for the company as we took a GIANT leap forward, successfully incorporating the company as a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization, elevating our professional status and creating access to opportunities for fiscal growth and development. But perhaps the most vital and rewarding facet of incorporation is the formation of our Board of Directors: Artistic Director Aly B. Ettman, Alison Bauer, Peter Caress, Jenna Murphy and Dan Remmers will serve as our working Board—otherwise known as the Alley Cats? Ok, we’ll work on it! This talented group brings valuable business acumen and a collective enthusiasm along with their creative skills. It is beyond inspiring for us to collaborate with colleagues and friends who share such a strong passion and vision for Peter’s Alley. An added bonus: Ms. Coralie Farlee, a loyal and generous patron of the company has agreed to serve as our Board Member At Large, bestowing not only her sponsorship but her wealth of wisdom about non-profit management gained through leadership of her own organization, Friends of Southwest, DC.

As always, the artistic merit of our shows and the inspirational environment of our production process remain at the core of our mission.  Naturally, with growth comes added responsibility, both creative and financial. For the past six years, Peter’s Alley has managed to consistently achieve artistic mastery, establishing a stellar reputation for producing plays that feature “Broadway- caliber” acting and directing while operating on miniscule budgets. However, with our new venue, production budgets will increase exponentially and operating costs are always rising! Though demanding, with the encouragement and support of our engaged theater colleagues, patrons and community, we feel prepared to meet this challenge.  Fortunately, our newly minted Non-Profit 501(c)(3) status, allows us to convert this challenge into exciting opportunities. By offering tax-deductible sponsorships, our loyal patrons will be able to engage with us on an enhanced level.

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